Taylormade TP Hydro Blast Chaska Putter

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Hydro Blast Finish

The Hydro Blast process delivers a rich and premium finish to this classically shaped putter. The application of a high-pressure stream of water creates a smooth surface that’s both durable and attractive.

'' ''Classic Shape

''With rounded contours, adjustable sole weights and three forward sightlines, the Chaska design provides exceptional stability and simple alignment features.

Face Balanced Design

A single bend hosel and rounded design create a face balanced putter that better fits players with a straight-back and straight-through putting motion.

Premium Cover

A premium putter deserves a premium cover. The sophisticated TP cover matches the traditional elegance of the putter itself, delivering a cohesive character from the bag to the putting green.

'' ''Technologies

'' ''303 Stainless Steel

''As an unquestioned industry standard for premium putters, 303 stainless steel was destined for milling. The soft yet durable metal delivers superior feel and artisan aesthetics.

'' ''Machine Milling

''Flowing lines with natural curvatures offer an exceptional look worthy of admiration at address and in your hand. If perfection were possible, it would be machine milled.

'' ''White Pure Roll Insert

''The soft Surlyn insert previously used in our Spider X makes its way into this TP Collection of blades and technical mallets. The Pure Roll™ insert features grooves at a downward 45° angle designed to optimize roll characteristics.