Taylormade TP Reserve M21 Putter - 34 Inch RH

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With a history of innovation in putter technology, TaylorMade Golf expands its reach across the ecosystem of putter design and plants its flag in the world of premium milled putters with the launch of TP Reserve. The Reserve family of putters features 3 classic blade silhouettes and 3 refined mallet shapes with each model being a blend of detailed precision, crafted with classic styling and inspiring aesthetics.

Designed and machined with soft 303 stainless steel, machined-in grooves on the face3 reduce surface area- impacting the ball for a softer feel and crisp sound upon impact, regardless of strike location.

The TP Reserve collection is about style, craftmanship and character which can be seen in every aspect of the putter. TaylorMade were meticulous in creation, sweating over each detail, receiving PGA Tour feedback and using the knowledge gained to refine edges, adjust toplines and manipulate blade length to create putters that are built off exactness instead of sameness. 

This rings especially true with the B31. Inspired by the TP Bandon, M21 and M27 mallets deliver high MOI performance and elegant aesthetics. The models feature a combination of soft edges and a blend of machine marks with sharp geometric lines that reflect the technical precision of this classic mallet. Every TP Reserve mallet has a premium sole plate offering artisanship and function to help optimise sound and feel.