Taylormade Stealth Hybrid

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TaylorMade Stealth Golf Rescue 

The rescue or hybrid club has become an indispensable part of a golfer’s bag, with low profile designs they are an extremely forgiving option that can be used effectively in a multitude of situations. Whether it is a safety-first tee shot, a towering, long approach, or meaningful distance from a dodgy lie in the rough, the hybrid has you covered. It is also an excellent choice for use when just off the green when a straight-forward chip and run is required. 

TaylorMade have always produced amazing rescue clubs that offer the best in both performance and aesthetics and the release of the new Stealth Rescue club range promises to be there best yet. Constructed using a new carbon crown, the TaylorMade engineers have been able to relocate 7g of mass and increase M.O.I by 15% over that offered by the Sim Max Rescue. This increased forgiveness and stability provides golfers with a club that allows them to attack flags that would have previously been inaccessible. 

New Advanced Laser Alignment technology supplies a superb contrast between the face and the crown, making it a far easier task to align the clubface squarely at the target. The proven v-steel sole design is once again present and helps to provide optimal launch conditions whilst improving turf interaction on shots from all different kinds of lie. 

The clubface itself is constructed from high-strength C300 steel which has allowed TaylorMade to produce a rescue club that provides increased ball speeds over earlier generations. This is combined with the innovative Twist Face technology which will help to straighten out any miscues from off-centre hits. The Thru-Slot speed pocket that has been an ever present since 2012 has been further enhanced to provide greater face flexing and offers a welcome boost in ball speed to shots that have been struck low on the face. 

As with previous models the TaylorMade Stealth is a great looking rescue club and looks fantastic when placed behind the ball at address. The profile size is large enough to inspire confidence in the higher handicappers, but not too large as to put the lower handicappers off using it. If you are looking for a new hybrid that brings fantastic all-round performance combined with killer look, then the TaylorMade Stealth Rescue Club would be an excellent choice. 


  • New Carbon Crown Increases M.O.I By 15% Over The Sim Max 
  • Advanced Laser Alignment Provides Exceptional Contrast Between Face & Crown 
  • V-Steel Sole Design Provides Superb Turf Interaction 
  • C300 Steel Twist Face Provides Explosive Speed & The Ultimate In Forgiveness 
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket Provides A Ball Speed Boost On Low Face Strikes