Taylormade Spider X HydroBlast Single Bend Putter - 34 Inch

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An extremely popular range of putter, famous for its successful performance on tour, the new Spider X Hydro Blast offers a more streamlined head shape than the Spider Tour with an all-new finish achieved via water blasting.

Utilising premium materials for the very best performance, the steel frame and aluminium back weighting combines with a composite lightweight sole, maximising MOI alongside overall stability.

The “Y” design shape and white colour enhances visibility on each putt, making it much easier to frame the ball at address and map out the putt.

Offering incredible feel on each stroke, a white TPU Pure Roll Insert is situated at a 45* angle, encouraging optimal forward roll alongside improved sound, feel and roll characteristics. Working in conjunction with the White True Path alignment, symmetry is taken to a whole new level.

The single bend putter is ideal for golfers with a straight putting stroke. The face balanced design optimises smooth, even-lined putting rolls.

    Engineered with premium materials for exceptional performance. The use of a combination of materials to create optimal stability. Heavy steel frame with aluminium/steel back weights are all combined with lightweight composite sole to maximize MOI.
    The science of white. White is the most reflected colour which allows the human eye to clearly see the ball path. The “Y” design shape allows for all golfers to centre the ball and clearly visualize the path to the hole.
    The Spider X head shape is more streamlined than the Spider Tour and is the most successful Spider ever sold. The new Spider X features a new finish process called HYDRO BLAST. We apply water to the blasting process to create a smooth, premium finish.
    White TPU Pure Roll™ insert for softer feel. The Pure Roll™ grooves are at a 45° angle to encourage optimal forward roll as well as better sound, feel and overall roll characteristics. The white Pure Roll™ insert creates better symmetry with the white True Path™ alignment.