Taylormade Soft Response Golf Balls - Red - Dozen

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The TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball has a hi-spring 3-layer construction and extended flight dimple pattern to provide effortless distance to your golf game.

Features of the TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball
- Extended Flight Dimple Pattern
- Soft-Tough Ionomer Cover
- ZnO Flex Core™
- 3-Layer Construction

Extended Flight
It has a seamless 322 dimple pattern with shallower u-shape dimples that extends ball flight and makes it much more easy to launch the ball into the air quickly for dominant distance.

High-Spring Construction
The ball has a 35 Compression ZnO Flex Core™ which offers a high-spring to provide faster ball speed and explosive distance after every shot. It also has durable ultra-low hardness cover provides a soft and responsive feel.