Srixon Z Star XV 12 Ball Pack

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Introducing the premium Z Star XV from Srixon, this premium Tour-level golf ball has been developed to maximise performance. This 4-piece ball features a new FastLayer core combined with other key innovations ensuing this ball delivers low driver spin, increased greenside spin, long distance and incredibly soft feel.

The Z Star XV Ball Features:

  • 4th Generation Spin Skin
  • 338 Speed Dimples Pattern
  • FastLayer Core Technology
  • SeRM (Slide Ring Material)

FastLayer Core

This ball has been developed with a FastLayer Core which has a soft inner core and a harder surrounding core. This enhances launch conditions by increasing ball speed and providing a higher launch angle which is essential to achieving long distance off the tee.

Mantle Layer

These are a favourite with the golfing elite, golf balls produce high ball speeds and low driver spin for exceptional distances off the tee. The ball features a mantle layer that helps the ball to maintain its shape just after impact, which acts as a backstop for the soft cover to increase spin around the greens for more short game control.

Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern

Aerodynamic improvements have been made possible thanks to the 338 dimple pattern. This pattern improves the flight and performance, ultimately creating a superb ball flight. These dimples also help the ball to fly farther while maintaining a better flight in windy conditions by utilising the combination of dimple uniformity and dimple occupancy.

SeRM (Slide Ring Material)

This ball is also equipped with 4th generation spin skin and SeRM urethane cover, a moveable polymer cross-linking to greatly enhance spin. SeRM provides a softer cover than the previous generations, a cover that digs into clubhead grooves to generating more greenside and approach control.