Srixon Q Star 12 Ball Pack

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This all-new Q-STAR TOUR golf ball is Srixon's softest version but offers tour-level performance. This ball is incredibly fast off the clubface and long off the tee thanks to its new technologies

The Q-STAR features:

  • SeRM urethane cover
  • FastLayer technology
  • Tour-caliber spin
  • Alignment Aid
With this golf ball, you'll notice tour levels of spin and distance and 'one-hop stop' control into the greens. The distance is thanks to FastLayer technology, while the spin is generated by SpinSkin with SeRM. FastLayer Core technology produces distance and a soft feel due to the gradual transition fro a soft inner core out towards a firm outer edge. SpinSkin with SeRM is a new urethane coating with flexible molecular bonds with reacts deeply with wedge and iron grooves producing amazing friction and the utmost spin.