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Srixon AD333 Balls Yellow - Sleeve of 3

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Peak performance starts with having the right ball. And if you’re a player that could use more distance and forgiveness, then the 10th Generation AD333 is what you’ve been waiting for.

By dropping our compression from 77 to 72, the 10th Generation AD333 promotes more deformation of the ball at impact for players with moderate swing speeds, translating to straighter and longer flight. Also, this means prolonged contact on short Irons and Wedges for the best feel of any AD333 model to date.

The FastLayer Core is soft in the centre and gradually becomes firm around its outer edge, that’s how it provides both ball speed and great feel. We’ve reformulated FastLayer in the 10th Generation AD333 with a lower overall compression, which means improved performance. FastLayer Core generates lower spin on impact before the unique 338 Speed Dimple Pattern takes over to reduce drag for a more penetrating ball flight. These two technologies stack on one another for immense distance gains.

Featuring new Spin Skin with Slide-Ring Material, the new AD333 offers unprecedented greenside spin performance. Spin Skin with SeRM digs deep into Wedge and Iron grooves, dramatically increasing friction and maximizing spin for more stopping power on every shot.