Ping G425 Driver SFT

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The release of a new range of PING golf clubs is a highly anticipated event on the golfing calendar as, unlike many other manufacturers, it only comes around every two years. Improving on the undoubted quality and incredible success of the G410 range was always going to require something special from this iconic American brand, and there can be no question that the PING G425 range is exactly that. 

For some time now PING have released three versions of driver and this trend continues in the G425 range. If you are a golfer that always struggles with a slice, (too much left-to-right curve), then the PING G425 SFT driver may well be the best choice for your game.  

Unlike the other two drivers in this range which have a moveable weighting system, the SFT version has a large 23-gram tungsten backweight that moves the centre of gravity significantly towards the heel. This increases the speed of the toe of the golf club, encouraging the face to sqaure up quicker and can drastically reduce unwanted curve. The SFT model promotes 25 yards more of right-to-left shape than the neutral setting on the G425 Max 

The PING G425 SFT has a D1 swing weight which is somewhat lighter than the other two models and this again helps to improve the effects of the straight flight technology. The SFT has a maximum sized 460cc profile and its large footprint will give huge amounts of confidence to players when it is placed behind the ball at address. 

The new all black colour scheme looks magnificent and it is hard to imagine a golf club looking any more appealing than this one. The Dragonfly crown has been improved with weight savings in this area being redistributed to other areas of the head for maximum effectiveness. The Turbulators are once again in place on the crown of the club and helps to reduce clubhead drag and increases swing speeds. 

The acoustics have also been improved with the use of an internal rib structure giving the G425 driver an extremely solid feel and pleasing sound when a shot is struck. PING’s T9S+ Forged face provides explosive ball speeds through its face flexing technology ensuring that this driver is as long as anything available on the market. 

Shaft options are excellent with five superb choices available without any upcharge and the G425 driver comes with the superb Arrcos shot tracking system embedded into the grip. Perfect for the golfers out there that like to track their stats and performance. 

If you are a golfer that spends far too much time in the right rough (or left rough for left-handers) then the PING G425 SFT driver would be a fantastic driver choice. As always Scottsdale Golf will be carrying huge levels of the new PING range ensuring you get your favourite clubs delivered quicker than ever before