Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Rangefinder

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Motocaddy PRO3000 Golf Laser Rangefinder 


The laser rangefinder has proven itself over the past decade and is now regarded as a vital piece of golf equipment for golfers who are constantly striving to improve. The highly inaccurate method of pacing from 150-yard markers and then guessing how far the flag is on the green has thankfully become a thing of the past and now the laser rangefinder can give you an exact yardage in seconds. 


A quality laser rangefinder can give you a precise yardage to anything you can see in a matter of seconds allowing you to plot your way around a course with a certain amount of strategy. With accuracy now as a good as +/- ½ yard you will always know the exact distance to the flag or to carry a bunker. 


Motocaddy are famous for being one of the most trusted manufacturers of electric trollies and have now turned their hand to producing high quality laser rangefinders and the Motocaddy PRO3000 Golf Laser Rangefinder is their first entry into this marketplace. 


With an incredible range of up to 1300 yards on targets such as trees, and 450-yards to a golf flag there is no shot on the golf course that you won't be able to map out. It offers a class leading magnification of 7x making lasering the correct target a far simpler task. 


The Motocaddy PRO3000 Golf Laser Rangefinder has the all-important pin-seeker functionality built into it which causes the laser to vibrate when it locks on to the pin. This eliminates the possibility of mistakenly lasering a tree behind the green and then watching in horror as your well struck shot sails twenty yards over the back. 


It also comes with the slope feature built in. This superb feature takes into account any uphill or downhill slopes that may be between you and the flag and these changes in elevation can have a dramatic effect on the yardage a shot will actually play. This mode is not legal for use in competitions, but it is easily turned off with a simple press of a button.  


The Motocaddy PRO3000 Golf Laser Rangefinder is also IPX5 waterproof rated ensuring you don’t have to worry about it when the weather turns nasty. If you have a Motocaddy electric trolley, then the laser attaches easily to the accessory station which makes keeps it available for use at any time. 


Motocaddy have built up a strong reputation for reliability and the Motocaddy PRO3000 Golf Laser Rangefinder will only enhance it. It comes with a 24-month guarantee giving you complete piece of mind allowing you to focus on shooting your lowest ever score. 



  • Incredibly feature laden laser rangefinder that represents amazing value 
  • Slope functionality is built in (easily turned off for comps) 
  • Pinseeker functionality ensures the flag is lasered rather than a tree behind the green 
  • Class leading 7x magnification