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Golf Alignment Sticks (x2) - 8 Colours

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Golf Alignment Sticks 8 Different Colors To Choose  ***BARGAIN***


Our sticks have been designed and built under recommendations from numerous Golf Professionals.

The sticks are made from fibreglass (not plastic) so they are very durable and measure 118 cm long

You can leave them in your bag and you wont know that they are there they are that light......

Colours to choose from -

Yellow, Red, Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Orange, White


They can also be used as a putting aid

to aim correctly

check ball and feet position

check swing path


The sticks have a protective cap on both ends

These sticks can be used in numerous ways to help you develop and practice your technique.


Just a few varieties that they can be used for


aim at

aim through

ball and feet position

swing plane

lateral hip movement


Designed and built specifically for all levels of golfer.