Cleveland RTX 4 Left Hand Wedge

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  • 4th   Generation Rotex Face Technology   - With our sharpest Tour Zip Grooves yet, the most aggressive face milling we've developed, and even more precise laser milling, Rotex 4 generates more spin, and more consistent spin, giving you maximum short game control.
  • Progressive Shaping   - RTX 4's compact shape is a direct result of tour player feedback. Lower lofts blend with your irons for an easier transition, while higher lofts feature a traditional wedge shape for better greenside shots.
  • Progressive Feel Balancing Technology   - New Muscle shaping on the back of each loft progressively adjusts the centre of gravity on both the vertical and horizontal axes, enhancing feel and distance control, even when you don't strike the face centre.


Four Tour Developed Sole Grinds offer   more options and less bounce. The new sole grinds give you enough playability and versatility to execute your most challenging greenside shots, even when the pressure's on.

  • MID   -   The   MID   sole features a V-Shaped sole   for smooth full shot performance and crisp pitch shots around the green. Perfect for golfers with neutral or steep attack angles,   MID   is   available in 46° - 60°   lofts.
  • LOW   - The   LOW   sole offers powerful   versatility thanks to the heel, toe and trailing edge relief that makes it easy to open the face and execute advanced shots around the green.LOW   is   available in lofts 56° - 64°.
  • FULL   -   The   FULL   sole's   traditional   shape   promotes stability on all shots and adds bounce when you open the face for better bunker play. Perfect for neutral and steep attack angles,   FULL   is   available in lofts 56° - 60°.
  • XLOW   -   The   XLOW   excels in keeping the leading edge low so you can execute the most demanding open-face shots from tight lies and firm conditions.   XLOW   is available in lofts 58° and 60°.