Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

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This new wedge design has been engineered to make the short game easy. Offering spin, control, and unprecedented forgiveness you need to play golf.

The Cleveland Wedge Features:

  • Half-Cavity Design / Hi-Toe Section
  • Full-Face Grooves / Rotex Face Technology
  • Feel Balancing & Gelback Technologies
  • 1-Year Guarantee / TT Dynamic Gold 115 Steel Shaft / Lamkin 360 Grip

Full-Face Grooves / Hi-Toe Section

This new design is for players who like to take on more risky wedge shots. It has an extended higher toe with full-face grooves to provide the ultimate in forgiveness and versatility.

Half-Cavity Design

It features a new Half-Cavity Design with a toe-bias center of gravity for an improved feel on every short game shot.

Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology

In addition to the half-cavity, the wedge offers enhanced Feel balancing Technology. Feel Balancing Technology places the center of gravity even closer to the face, with a toe-biased CG position with a Gelback TPU Insert for reduced vibration. This achieves a satisfyingly soft feel at impact for improved feedback response.

Rotex Face Technology (4th Generation)

To give you the very best short game control, the wedge features a 4th generation Rotex Face. This most aggressive face milling and sharper groove pattern provides even more spin and stopping power than ever before.

C-Shaped Sole Grind

This distinct low sole grind offers more versatility to execute any short game shot.