Bushnell ION Edge GPS Watch - Grey

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The ION Edge GPS watch simplifies the golf game, with auto hole and course functionality, and accurate insight to over 40,000 plus golf courses around the world. It has a touchscreen interface and simple functionality along with a long battery life that can last up to 15+ hours before charging. The watch has a sleek and comfortable design, and also comes with the Bushnell Golf mobile app included.

The Bushnell Watch Features:

  • Touchscreen Display
  • 40000 Pre-Loaded Golf Courses / Auto Functionality
  • Precision Distances / Green View with Pin Placement
  • 15+ Hour Battery Life / Scorekeeping and Stats
The watch displays easy-to-read front/center/back of the green distance measurements, with up to 6 hazards per hole. It also offers Dynamic Green View mapping, with moveable touchscreen pin placement for extra precision.
It automatically locates which golf course you are playing and advances to the next hole. Plus keeps your scores and basic stats, has a built-in shot distance calculator, and can last up to 15+ hours on a single battery charge.
Included with your purchase is a Bushnell Golf App which can be downloaded to your smartphone. This provides wireless updates via Bluetooth connection and displays 3D flyovers, hole layouts with distance measurements.