Srixon ZX7 Driver

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Hone in, stay centred, concentrate—the swing thoughts that bring success off the tee also provide clarity to driver design. And much like a fierce competitor absorbed by victory, the new ZX Woods obsess over one thing: speed. Equipped with Rebound Frame, they focus your energy at impact, concentrating power for awe-inspiring carry. Breathe deep, clear your head, and enjoy game-changing distance with all new ZX Drivers, Fairways, and Hybrids.

ZX7’s penetrating flight and adjustability give you the control to choose your launch conditions. With an adjustable hosel and two swappable rear weights, you can easily produce the shot shape that fits your playstyle.


    By focusing more energy into the golf ball, Rebound Frame’s unique structure increases ball speed and distance, even on centre-face shots.
    A 15% larger carbon crown repositions mass low, pushing MOI up and increasing forgiveness.
    Two weight ports allow you to move the CG and favor a draw or fade shape. An adjustable hosel also provides variation in loft, lie, and face angle.
    Flatter, shallower, and straighter, this new head shape inspires confidence for highly skilled players.